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POV Foot Loving Loser - 2023/FullHD [Feet Extreme Boys]

POV Foot Loving Loser - 2023/FullHD [Feet Extreme Boys]

Duration: 00:09:04 | Quality: FullHD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 581 MB

Sex Videos Online POV Foot Loving Loser

You have been doing homework for so many girls and worshipping SO MANY SWEATY FEET, It's hard to keep up, but Chelsea has SO MANY FRIENDS! You promised you would serve all of them! She's finally introduced me to you. I sit on the bench above you, looking down and smiling! My feet are SO SWEATY AND STINKY inside of my shoes, and I can't wait to show you, but first, I WANT MY HOMEWORK! You hand it to me as I laugh before pulling off my shoes and sticking my BIG FEET into your face! I almost did not believe it when Chelsea said that a LOSER was going to be doing all our homework from now on, and in return, he would worship our feet. WIN WIN RIGHT? I tease you with my BIG STINKY FEET making you sniff between my toes and even the inside of my VERY OLD SMELLY SNEAKERS! I naturally have really smelly feet, but I PURPOSELY did not wear any socks today, JUST FOR YOU! Aren't I sweet? I show off the tops of my toes, my unpainted toenails really need a pedicure, maybe you could pay for it? The video ends with me making you kiss up and down my soles when I suddenly remember, I have a 60 PAGE ESSAY DUE TOMORROW, it's okay though, you don't have any plans tonight, right?


  • Added: 15-11-2023
  • Category: Foot

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