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Teaching My Tutor About Chastity - 2023/FullHD [Extreme Legs, Foot Legs]

Teaching My Tutor About Chastity - 2023/FullHD [Extreme Legs, Foot Legs]

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Sex Videos Online Teaching My Tutor About Chastity

My stupid college professor insisted that I use a tutor to get my grades up. I honestly don't care because some nerd is gonna do all my homework and take the tests for me. but some dweeb was gonna tattle on me (like a pathetic loser) so I decided to just "show face" and pretend like I made an effort. The entire time im too focused thinking about some alpha male and how many abs he has. I take selfies and talk about how hot this guy is, making you feel invisible and worthless! You notice my anklet and how theres two keys dangling from it, bouncing against my pantyhose covered legs. I tease you how I get a new key every time I have a new tutor! You're so curious what the keys are for, but I insist you stop asking so many questions and just rub my feet so I can relax and focus on studying. My super short skirt distracts you and the keys on my anklet are right in your face now as you worship them. I explain to you that they're chastity keys and how they remind me of all the betas I've locked up! Curious, I allow you to worship my perfect feet and manipulate you into trying chastity. I guess tutors aren't always the smart ones! Hahaha

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