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Your Step-mom is Your New Keyholder with Worship Amber - 2023/FullHD [Rare Foot, New Foot]

Your Step-mom is Your New Keyholder with Worship Amber - 2023/FullHD [Rare Foot, New Foot]

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Sex Videos Online Your Step-mom is Your New Keyholder - Worship Amber

Your Pops and I just recently got married, making me your STEPMOTHER! He loves me so much and I love everything he has to offer me, almost like this was meant to be. Unfortunately you don't seem to support this marriage as much as everyone else... Like you didn't even get us a wedding gift!!! (which is just bad manners). Look, I know this is probably hard for you getting a new step-mom at this stage in your life, but you must treat me with the respect that I deserve. Perhaps we can clear the air... instead of going out and BUYING me a gift, you can give me a different kind of present instead. (something that your sperm donor is unable to do since he isn't around)... NO YOU IDIOT, I want you to worship my feet! That's right, I just LOVE having them licked and massaged, and since my husband isn't here to do that for me you can take his place. Well don't look so concerned... this will be our little secret, and I will make sure to say good things about you to him. Besides, don't you think its a good idea to please the woman that will inherit all that fortune. You will have absolutely NOTHING when he is gone, so I would think twice before turning down this opportunity. Mmmmmm see how good this feels...? It looks like you're enjoying this almost as much as I am, I think I know just how to fix that..... why don't you run upstairs and grab a chastity cage out of pop's night stand, I am going to lock you up and hold the key. Mhmmmmm, your step-mother is going to be your key-holder! LOL


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