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Spit Shine My High Heels With My Saliva with Princess Sara Saint - 2023/FullHD [Nice Legs, Extreme Foot]

Spit Shine My High Heels With My Saliva with Princess Sara Saint - 2023/FullHD [Nice Legs, Extreme Foot]

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Sex Videos Online Spit Shine My High Heels With My Saliva - Princess Sara Saint

Hello slave. I want you to appreciate my outfit, how beautiful I look. Breathtaking. Stare at my perfect ass and my sexy high heels. I know you're staring at my shiny high heel shoes. I know you have a fetish for high heels, I know you well. I know your weaknesses and I use them against you. Would you like a closer view of my high heels? Here you go idiot. Would you like to lick them? Do you want to kiss them? Would you like to clean them with your tongue? Your desires are so predictable. And I'm going to allow you to lick them but with an extra treat. You will be excited for it, you will love it. I want you to clean my shoes with my spit. What an honor. You're such a lucky shoe cleaner, aren't you? I will be putting strands of my saliva on top of my shiny platforms and then I will allow you to lick them clean. And just as you hear me say these words your cock is throbbing and your hand automatically moves to your cock. You can't wait to lick my shiny shoes with my spit on them lol. You can't wait. You're so horny. So get down your knees and be ready to receive my shoes in your mouth. But first you will have the pleasure of watching me spit on them before I give you the privilege of licking my spit from my heels. Don't miss a drop. Lick it. Lol! Don't worry, I will put more spit on them for you. You're so lucky. Now open wide and lick my heels. Swallow my saliva. So yummy! Lol! Good boy. Do you want more? Would you like to taste my other shoe? Of course you would lol! Watch me spit on them. You're watching with so much attention, it turns you on so much. Lick it clean, don't waste a drop of my spit. Now lick both of them. Clean them for me, idiot. You love this so much, don't you? Thank me for allowing you to lick my spit from my heels. Good boy. Stroke your dick and lick my high heels. They are so tasty. Lick, lick, lick loser. They are so wet, so shiny. Lick them clean. Swallow my saliva, loser. Lol! It's so generous of me to give you my saliva so you can clean my shoes, so you can lick them. You're such a lucky foot slave. Who else would give you such a treat? Now lick them both clean, open your mouth and suck on the heel. Good boy. I know that tastes so good. Clean them, loser. You love this, don't you? This is the only way you deserve to lick my shoes. Now thank me again for this opportunity. You're such a little shoe slut. You're welcome lol!

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