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Aunty Josephine UK Visit Part One – Perversion Productions with Josephine James - 2023/FullHD [Hard Foot, Amatari Foot]

Aunty Josephine UK Visit Part One – Perversion Productions with Josephine James - 2023/FullHD [Hard Foot, Amatari Foot]

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Sex Videos Online Aunty Josephine UK Visit Part One – Perversion Productions - Josephine James

It's been years, nevertheless made it back to the UK. A small fraction of family lives there. Upon arrival Aunty Josephine was very keen to meet up and play tour guide/etcetera. My god, haven't seen Aunty James in years! Quite a bit younger then, all I could remember was she was really nice, spoke very eloquently and elegantly. Oh. and don't really want to think about this too much. Aunty Josephine had huge boobs!! Like massively huge! When she arrived at the hotel room; Gotta say, Whoa Aunty James! She is one sexy f'ing lady! And she's British so of course she's wearing f-ing pantyhose. Only been here 2 days and I'm pretty sure the UK is ranked number one for among the pantyhose wearing countries. It's been so long since I've been back that I sometime can't catch certain simple phrases. All laughs though. But back to Aunty James, it's catch up time and in this small hotel room there's really no where to sit but the bed. Crossing her legs is a bit too much for a dude. Aunty and all. But damn, I haven't seen her in years. Anyway enough of those nonsense thoughts. The day is planned, just a take a minute to fix up in the restroom and then we are off. Meanwhile Aunty James has a quick look at his left open computer. She remember's thinking he was perverted when he was younger and he was going to be a quite filthy when he grew up and was she ever right. *Some some of foot, pantyhose, kinky porn was what she saw.* Not regular for her although, she finds this porn is kind of hawt. Aunty James gives herself a brush of slight rub or two. Containing herself from trying to make things happen within a minute. She holds off, while not even thinking about it, raises her leg up to squeeze up that heat need that wants to be rubbed out. Ready to go, stepping out into the room to see Aunty James on his computer.Almost laying down looking significantly sexy, "You haven't changed one bit you naughty boy what have you been looking at now?" "Ahhh man, Aunty James. You're not supposed to go on my computer." *Laughs* "Well you left it on!" "Yeah but there's like rules." "I always thought you were going to be into that sort of thing you naughty boy." "I remember when you humped on my leg when you were younger." Oh damn, Yep! totally forgot about that leg humping bit, but now it's fresh in my mind as ever. Those robust calves of hers! "I think I'll show you the sites tomorrow.yeah?.I think we've got other things to catch up with today what do you think?"

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