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Rescue A Stuck Step-Aunt with Princess Diana - 2023/FullHD [Extreme Legs, Foot Legs]

Rescue A Stuck Step-Aunt with Princess Diana - 2023/FullHD [Extreme Legs, Foot Legs]

Duration: 00:11:41 | Quality: FullHD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 829 MB

Sex Videos Online Rescue A Stuck Step-Aunt - Princess Diana

Mature Step aunt just arrives home from a hard day at the office. You are wearing a gray wig and things to make you look much older, glasses, dress, black sheer pantyhose, heels. You take your heels off at the door and go get athletic socks and slippers. You sit on the couch, put on the socks then slippers. As you are sitting there, you start to take off your jewelry and accidentally drop something between the couch cushions. You turn and bend towards the couching resting your body on the couch with your knees and legs on the floor. When reaching for the jewelry, you noticed your arm in stuck in the couch. You call out to boy for help. As he comes in, he can't help but think of what he's always wanted to do. He says he will be right back but quietly and carefully he pulls your slippers and socks of and starts to rub his erection on your pantyhose feet. He pushes your feet together and is fucking them hard. You are in at first but are starting to like it. He then stands up while you are still stuck and knees down over your legs, bends them up towards him and does footjob. (Style like previous video, "fuck my feet just don't get in the way" – on the bed). After a while you are able to free yourself, you've enjoyed the footjobs so much you sit boy down on the floor and you go legs over his shoulders and with a lot of tight arches and feet to the sides, you finish him off quickly and powerfully. He cums on your feet and you thank him for the excitement and helping you get unstuck.

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