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Warm Lotus soles with Toehunter - 2023/FullHD [Amatari Foot, Long legs]

Warm Lotus soles with Toehunter - 2023/FullHD [Amatari Foot, Long legs]

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Sex Videos Online Warm Lotus soles - Toehunter

I met up with Lotus during a recent visit. I wasn't very familiar with her so I didn't know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised when I encounter her. I was waiting for her at our designated location when I her my name called out I turn around to see a statuesque beauty coming at me, I greeted with a nice hug and big smile. We take a walk around the area and talk and get to know each other a little more. We then go back to her room where I sit on the bed and she puts her foot between my legs and asks me to rub her foot, I happily oblige, then she tells me to remove my pants, which I have no problem with. She rubs her toes all over my crouch, then slides her feet up my boxers and pulls them off. She oils her feet up and puts some on me too and starts stroke my cock with her feet and hand until it's nice and hard. We go thru a few positions until she makes me cum from a reverse toejob, getting cum all over her toes.


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