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Milking Your Promotion with Jasper - 2023/FullHD [Feet Extreme Boys]

Milking Your Promotion with Jasper - 2023/FullHD [Feet Extreme Boys]

Duration: 00:13:27 | Quality: FullHD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 1.14 GB

Sex Videos Online Milking Your Promotion - Jasper

Congrats! You won the bet, and got the promotion we both pined for at work. It’s a mans world, after all… At least, that’s what you think. You may have won the privilege to stroke to my perfect feet, but with the right wiggle, the right words.. You’re putty in my hands. For you see, behind every man is a woman twice as powerful running the show. Men are naturally weak-minded, for their thoughts are run by their cock; so crawling inside your mind and getting what I desire is as simple as dangling your orgasm like a carrot on a string. You’ve pawned and prepared yourself for the ability to stare and stroke, but never thought I’d be gripping my long toes around your cock and milking you myself. How could you? I’m always so cold, so distant.. the attention you fiend for on a daily basis is suddenly a reality, it’s no wonder you’re dumbfounded. You may have gotten the promotion, but I will be reaping the benefits. Starting with your bonus…

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