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His Limp Doll with Sleepyfeet - 2023/HD [Feet Extreme Boys]

His Limp Doll with Sleepyfeet - 2023/HD [Feet Extreme Boys]

Duration: 00:29:32 | Quality: HD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 1.07 GB

Sex Videos Online His Limp Doll - Sleepyfeet

Cherry the doll lies on the bed, limp. The guy comes back from work, says hi and starts to talk to her as if she was a person. He reaches her in the bedroom and compliments her outfit and new shoes; she is being a bit naughty he thinks, therefore he starts groping her and discussing with her about some naughty plans. However, he think that they may watch a movie first, and therefore he carries her into the living room. On the couch, he takes off her shoes and socks and begins giving her a foot massage, still talking to her. Then he puts the movie on and they start watch it, until at some point her hand 'moves' towards his dick and she/he begins using her hand masturbating him. In his distorted world, she is smiling at him and giving him a handjob. He moans he cannot watch the movie, and in the end he gives up and carries her back to the bedroom, where he lays her face down, feet up and begins fucking her small soft feet in a reversed footjob.

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