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Giantess Story: Trapping Cars with Giantess Katelyn Brooks - 2023/HD [Extreme Legs, Foot Legs]

02bd6be5e6a79/0736.My_Magic_Combo_PT2_-_Regina_Milano_Dom_]Giantess Story: Trapping Cars with Giantess Katelyn Brooks - 2023/HD [Extreme Legs, Foot Legs]

Sex Videos Online Giantess Story: Trapping Cars - Giantess Katelyn Brooks

Take in the beauty of my bare soles- the details, my toes, the heels, the curves, the colors, the way I***Your choice: Listen the story as a surprise or you can read some spoilers below.I was so incredibly horny and wet from fantasizing about growing 50 feet and crushing trapped cars that my friend actually noticed me blushing and asked what I was thinking about. After I told him he said he had a surprise. I was having a Giantess fantasy, what could his surprise be?! We got in the car and...After a 20 minute drive we walked up a dirt path on a hill with a few stairs and loose rocks. Atop the hill the Golden Gate Bridge came into view and I nearly came in my pants from looking down at it from about 50+ft high! The sightseers close to me had no idea that I was fantasizing about them becoming my victims if I were to grow 50ft.I'd start terrorizing everyone driving on the Golden Gate bridge by blocking off both ends with my feet. I'd enjoy as some people get out of their cars and try to mountain climb my feet for escape. It would be an epic victory for those who make it to the other side and for those fall to the ground... I'd pop their bodies into a pulp beneath my big toe as everyone else watches in horror and disgust.Having traumatized those with a first row view of me crushing people into a mere pile of human remains, I'd pick a few from the first row of cars and set them free to frantically drive away. Then I'd scoop some cars up, with lively people in them, and put them in my panties to start pleasuring me.I'd lift my foot and slowly lower it while getting off and watching the bridge break... The helpless people trying to swim to their escape would get pummeled by massive bolder sized chunks of the Golden Gate bridge falling down from the sky, sending them to their inevitable .I'd lie back and enjoy the bliss of my most satisfying orgasm. When I get up the survivors in my panties would be mere vibrators to continue pleasing my pussy when I go after my next target.

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